Studies have shown that people spend almost 50% of their daily life on autopilot, meaning that your probably missing out on your life because you’re lost in thought, worry, or stress.

And if you’re like most people, you probably put countless energy and money into things that you believe will help you be happier, healthier, and live longer.

But what if I told you that there is one simple thing that you can do every day that will not only help you extend your life but will help you actually experience more OF your life?

The solution is MINDFULNESS.

So, if you are tired of being stressed out, frustrated, unable to stop negative thinking...

...and you’re ready to finally live fully aware, awake, and alive...

Then join us for the 21 Day Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Awareness Challenge

In just 20 minutes a day for 3 weeks you will learn mindfulness and meditation techniques that will help you:

  • Master your monkey mind
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage negative emotions
  • Enjoy your life more and increase happiness and well being
  • Increase focus and attention
  • increase productivity
  • and more importantly live a more intentional life

You will achieve this things with simple yet powerful mindfulness techniques that you can practice anywhere and at anytime. You will also finish the 21 day mindfulness challenge with momentum and foundation to make mindfulness part of your unconscious daily routine. Keep in mind that this mindfulness course comes with life time access so you will be able to come back to it and utilize the tools and meditations as many times as you wish.


We are passionate about teaching people to develop self-awareness and mindfulness because our ability to remain centered and focused is what has allowed us to thrive through even the most challenging parts of life. In fact, when I was sick and bed ridden for a year I used many of these mindfulness techniques to not only help me find peace but also find joy in the darkest places. In my many emergency room visits, the doctors wondered why I would be laughing and joking around with Natalie while my body was basically shutting down. The reason was that mindfulness helped me detach from the chaos and see the light at the end of tunnel, regardless of how dim it was because we were able to focus in the moment rather than being lost in worrying thoughts. Therefore, we know the power of mindfulness and this is why we are so excited to share these tools with you!


21 Day Mindfulness and Meditation Challenge OUTLINE:

  1. In Week 1 you’ll practice enjoying the present moment and learning how to be mindful in everyday life.
  2. In Week 2 you’ll learn to be the observer of your thoughts and emotions so you can master your monkey mind and manage negative emotions.
  3. In Week 3 you’ll take what you’ve learned and use it to develop self-compassion, take back control of what and who you allow to influence you, and practice being more present with others.

Why practice mindfulness?

Nearly all people who are extremely successful, as well as most professional athletes, use mindfulness because study after study have revealed the amazing benefits! Mindfulness and meditation have been shown to actually change the areas of the brain associated with memory, learning and regulation of emotion. This leads to increased mental clarity and concentration, reduced stress, and increased experiences of peace and happiness. Plus, it’s been shown to have powerful health benefits, including improving sleep, raising energy, increasing immune function, lowering blood pressure and reducing pain and headaches.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Power of Mindfulness

    • Why Practice Mindfulness?

    • Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

    • Jump Right In! 2 Minute Bell Meditation

    • 2 Minute Bell Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • Use Mindfulness to Change Emotions in 90 Seconds

    • 3 Core Skills of Mindfulness

    • Mindfulness and Meditation (and 7 Common Misunderstandings)

    • How to Take the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

    • 21 Day Challenge Schedule

    • 21 Day Mindfulness Journal

  • 2

    WEEK 1: Mindful Awareness of the Present Moment

    • DAY 1: Present Moment Awareness

    • The Mini-Mindfulness Exercise

    • The Three Minute Breathing Space

    • 2 Minute Bell Meditation (Bell Only)

    • 2 Minute Bell Meditation (Bell Only ) Downloadable Audio

    • Simple Mindfulness Meditation

    • Square Breathing

    • DAY 2: Shifting from the Thinking Mind to the Sensing Mind

    • 5 Senses Exercise

    • Mindful Seeing Exercise

    • MEDITATION: Candle Meditation

    • Candle Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • DAY 3: Body Awareness

    • MEDITATION: Progressive Relaxation

    • Progressive Relaxation Downloadable Audio

    • DAY 4: Mindful Eating

    • Mindful Curiosity - Eating

    • DAY 5: Mindful Listening

    • MEDITATION: Music Meditation

    • DAY 6: Mindful Walking

    • DAY 7: Mindful Driving

  • 3

    WEEK 2: Awareness of Thoughts and Emotions

    • DAY 8: The Psychology of the Monkey Mind

    • Mindfulness of Thoughts (and How They Create Emotions)

    • Observing Your Train of Thought

    • DAY 9: Sorting Thoughts Into Boxes Exercise

    • Urge Management/Urge Surfing

    • DAY 10: Awareness of Self-Talk, Part 1

    • Awareness of Self-Talk

    • DAY 11: Developing Emotional Awareness

    • Practicing Emotional Awareness

    • RAIN Technique for Accepting Emotions

    • DAY 12: Mindfulness for Anger (and Other Negative Emotions)

    • Willing Hands Exercise

    • DAY 13: Intentionally Creating Desired Emotions

    • The Cultivation Circle

    • Half-Smile Technique

    • Power of Gratitude

    • MEDITATION: Gratitude Meditation

    • Gratitude Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • DAY 14: Surrender, Acceptance and Letting Go

    • MEDITATION: Release/Surrender Meditation

    • MEDITATION: Release/Surrender Meditation

  • 4

    WEEK 3: Awareness of Self and with Others

    • DAY 15: Everything that We Experience is Internal

    • MEDITATION: Self-Inquiry Meditation

    • Self-Inquiry Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • Day 16: Self-Compassion Exercise

    • MEDITATION: Mountain Meditation

    • Mountain Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • DAY 17: The Importance of Choosing Your Inputs

    • Choosing Inputs

    • DAY 18: Being Present with Others and Holding Space

    • Being Present with Others and Holding Space

    • Mindful Arrivals

    • DAY 19: Random Acts of Kindness

    • MEDITATION: Loving Kindness Meditation

    • Loving Kindness Meditation Downloadable Audio

    • DAY 20: Developing a Mindfulness Routine

    • Establishing a Mindfulness Routine

    • Mindfulness Morning Routine

    • Mindful Bedtime Routine

    • Day 21: Establishing a Formal Meditation Practice

    • Establishing a Formal Meditation Practice

  • 5

    Conclusion and What's Next

    • Congratulation!