Do you want to be happier, feel more gratitude, be more confident and create a successful, satisfying life. But, you seem to hold yourself back because:

  • Change feels like a daunting task
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You figure it is probably too complicated
  • How would you find the time?

But, what if I told you that you can make massive changes to your reality, your state of mind, and your experience of life in less than 7 minutes a day for only 21 days?

I bet you would probably think that its B.S.

And, if you did, you’d be absolutely right! It is your Belief System (B.S.) that creates your life. This belief system creates thought patterns and habits that impact every part of your life.

Have you ever noticed that there are people that are always happy or things seem to go right for them even when things are not going right?

Many studies show that it is not your environment that determines how successful or happy you are or how great your relationships are. It truly comes down to one thing—your state of mind. People with the right state of mind live longer, have better and longer lasting intimate and social relationships, get promoted more often, earn more, and, more importantly, experience more happiness.

So how can I be one of these people?

The first step is to realize that you can control your state of mind and emotions. With the right tools, techniques, and questions you can feel happy, confident, grateful or at peace no matter what is going on around you.

This course will walk you through daily activities to help you condition your mind and body using NLP (neural linguistic programming) and psychology. Through repetitive anchoring of positive emotions, you will be able to quickly and easily evoke a state of confidence, happiness, joy, and gratitude. Through daily questions designed to rewire your conscious and unconscious mind, you will be able to change patterns, see life from a different perspective, and create habits that will help you create a truly life.

So, if you are ready to change your life in just 7 minutes a day, then we look forward to seeing you in the course!

What will I learn in this course?

  • Gain control over your thoughts, focus and emotional state (Stop letting your thoughts control you
  • Learn how to easily choose an optimistic, positive attitude (Stop negative thinking and bad moods in their tracks)
  • Learn how to create the emotions you want (Stop feeling out of control emotionally)
  • Gain the ability to see the blessings, even in the curses (Stop feeling like a victim of life)

What will the outcomes be?

  • Feel greater confidence and gratitude
  • Feel happier throughout your day
  • Feel in control of your thoughts and emotions
  • Feel eagerness and positive expectancy about life
  • Develop a daily habit of choosing your focus and emotional state
  • Develop the state of mind required to succeed in life

All of our online courses are completely virtual! They consist of video instruction, with instructors Joeel and Natalie Rivera. Our courses are highly interactive and fun (especially this one)! Complete this program from anywhere in the world and at your own pace (and even in your pajamas if you want to!). This course is designed to be worked on EVERY DAY for 21 days. It consists of 7 minutes of video, plus your own personal work.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • How This Course Works

    • Empowered Mind Questions

  • 2

    Understanding the Power of Your Mind

    • Power of Your Mind

    • Your Brain Chemicals

    • Understanding Your Mind

    • Daily NLP Activity Explained

    • The Questions Overview

  • 3

    Empowerment Day 1

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Smile

  • 4

    Empowerment Day 2

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Happy Thoughts

  • 5

    Empowerment Day 3

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Gratitude

  • 6

    Empowerment Day 4

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Challenges and Obstacles

  • 7

    Empowerment Day 5

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Passion

  • 8

    Empowerment Day 6

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Laughter

  • 9

    Empowerment Day 7

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: What I Have

  • 10

    Empowerment Day 8

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Unexpected Blessings

  • 11

    Empowerment Day 9

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Talents and Skills

  • 12

    Empowerment Day 10

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Family and Friends

  • 13

    Empowerment Day 11

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Pride

  • 14

    Empowerment Day 12

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Greater Purpose

  • 15

    Empowerment Day 13

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Looking Forward

  • 16

    Empowerment Day 14

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Honor Me

  • 17

    Empowerment Day 15

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Joy

  • 18

    Empowerment Day 16

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Contribution

  • 19

    Empowerment Day 17

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Peace

  • 20

    Empowerment Day 18

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Excitement

  • 21

    Empowerment Day 19

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Traits and Qualities

  • 22

    Empowerment Day 20

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Commitment

  • 23

    Empowerment Day 21

    • NLP Daily Activity

    • Today's Questions: Your Core Questions

  • 24


    • Congratulations

Who is guiding you

Joeel and Natalie Rivera are professional speakers, trainers, and coaches.

Their mission is to provide tools that empower people to ignite their dreams, unleash their potential and fulfill their purpose. Through their company, Transformation Academy, they provide digital content publishing, online courses, and life coach training programs that act as a catalyst for personal empowerment.

Joeel is a former psychology professor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology, with an emphasis on happiness. Using the science of psychology and human potential, they train leading edge entrepreneurs, leaders, life coaches, and individuals how to master the power of their mind and create their destiny.

They are serial entrepreneurs who challenge and inspire others to take their power back through self-employment as INDIEpreneurs, (self-employed freedom junkies). Between the two of them, they’ve started over a dozen businesses, from photography to a non-profit teen coaching center, and from an import business to a holistic virtual office.

They became INFOpreneurs in 2014 when they fully transitioned their print magazine into digital format because they found they could reach an exponential, worldwide market at a fraction of the time and cost. They closed their physical offices and began converting their in-person workshops and speeches into information products and online courses. Then, in 2015 they received a proverbial “kick in the pants” to go “all-in” when Joeel fell ill after traveling overseas. Unable to leave the house, they continued to reach and inspire their market by digitizing their popular workshops, life coach training programs and certifications, making them available worldwide at a fraction of the cost.

Today, they have served over 200,000 students from 195 countries.