Many of us choose not to pursue work that inspires and fulfills us because we’re afraid we won’t succeed and make enough money to pay the bills.

What if I told you that you don’t have to make this sacrifice anymore?

What if I told you that you can have — and deserve — both?

This e-workbook is designed to help you:

  • Define the sweet spot where your passion, your skills and your ability to pay the bills intersect
  • Uncover your true passion and the activities that make you feel engaged, effective and fulfilled.
  • Identify the strengths and skills you already possess, and the conditions you need to thrive
  • Make new choices and design a career that is meaningful, attainable, AND lucrative
    • Interactive exercises to get you thinking and ideating

    • Guided meditations to tap into your unconscious desires

    • NLP practices and principles of Design Thinking

    Course Overview

    This interactive e-workbook will get your conscious and subconscious minds working together, so your deepest desires are aligned to your conscious needs — money, time, and utilizing your unique skillset.

    The interactive exercises in this workbook will help you identify your passion and bring it to light so that you are fully aware of it, can acknowledge it and clearly articulate it.

    ​ We will use guided meditation to connect with our subconscious mind and our desires; principles of Design Thinking to uncover new insights through guided questioning; and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practices to identify what is already working, build on it, develop alternatives and connect dots you never thought about connecting.

    Course curriculum

    • 1

      Welcome & Introduction

      • Welcome

      • The Problem

      • The Solution

      • ..

    • 2


      • Sketch Your Superpower

      • Check in with Yourself

    • 3

      Revisiting Past Experiences

      • Exploring Positive States

      • Guided Visualization Audio #1 - Exploring Positive States

      • Journaling Prompt

    • 4

      How do I bring value to others?

      • How Do I Help Others?

      • Fill the Chart

      • Self Reflection

      • Your Value Anchor

      • Guided Visualization Audio #2 - Your Value Anchor

      • Reflection

      • Reflection

      • Reflection

    • 5

      Cost-benefit Analysis

      • What Do You Get From Your Work?

      • What Does It Cost to You to Do Your Work?

      • Summarize Them

    • 6

      Let the Subconscious Guide You to What Works

      • Let Your Subconscious Direct You to What Works

      • Exercise - Let Your Subconscious Direct You to What Works

      • Fill The Chart

      • Mind Mapping

      • Ivana's Mind Map Example

      • Your Turn!

      • Your Mind Map

      • Your Mind Map

    • 7

      Guided Visualization Into the Future

      • 5 Years From Now

      • Guided Visualization Audio #3 - 5 Years From Now

      • After the Guided Visualization

      • After the Guided Visualization

      • Mind Map

    • 8

      Three Career Paths

      • 3 Paths to Satisfying Work

      • Fill the Chart

      • Reflect on Your Paths

    • 9

      Final Self-reflection

      • Self-reflection

    • 10

      Define Your Dream Career

      • Back to Sketching!

      • Your Dream Job

      • Compare Your Two Sketches

    • 11

      Now What?

      • Success Involves Other People

      • Guided Visualization Audio #4 - Success Involves Other People

      • Exercise - Success Involves Other People

      • Prepare to Engage Others

      • Make A Plan

    • 12

      Thank you & About Me

      • Congratulations for Completing the E-workbook!

      • About Me

    Ivana's Story

    This workbook is a culmination of close to two years worth of research and experimentation. When climbing the corporate ladder in the advertising industry no longer appealed to me, I realized I had no idea what else I wanted and could do for a living. Most of my career decisions were made from a place of 'playing it safe'. Rarely did I have moments where I felt fulfilled and happy at work.

    My journey of self-discovery led me to NLP and meditation. I started to look for ways to uncover my truth, and differentiate between my true needs from the needs and opinions of others. I combined exercises and teachings from NLP Canada, Mindfulness Meditation and Design Thinking to cut through the clutter and get to the root of the problem. I tested different ways to get to my subconscious mind that had all the answers, to step outside of my current experience and limitations in order to identify new insights and possibilities. I tested the exercises in this workbook with many people. I still come back to this workbook, to make sure that I'm on track. As we grow, we change, and so do our priorities. Personal discovery and learning are a never-ending process.

    I hope to inspire others to unlock energies inside them, get in touch with their higher self, to activate change and come out of hiding.

    With gratitude,

    Ivana Musich


    Word on the Street

    This workbook is a game changer! Within several days I was able to peel off layers of personal limitations, imposed expectations around the idea of success and discover a true fulfilling authentic path that is in the alignment with my true self. Ivana gently walks you through the process by asking the right questions, challenging your belief system, guided meditations and helping you connect with your desires. I cannot be more thankful for this experience.”


    Ivana's ability to pair big picture thinking with targeted situational insight makes her a person you want to meet if you feel like there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. I left with a clear list of action items that I started tackling the next day. Through a blend of personal awareness, blunt honesty, and reflective exercises, the workbook helped me cut through what I was telling myself to find what I really wanted.”