Transforming your energy, one chakra at a time. A 7-week journey through mindset, energy healing and meditation, plus yoga psychology and subtle anatomy to heal your body, calm your mind and open your heart.

7 Modules, One Every Week

Each week is dedicated to one chakra, one area of your life and one type of energy in your body. By moving from the lower chakras up to the higher ones, you gradually raise your vibration and reach an elevated state of consciousness.

1- Root Chakra: Family, Money, Trust
2 - Sacral Chakra: Intimate Relationships, Joy, Sensuality
3 – Solarplexus Chakra: Power, Potential, Expression
4 – Heart Chakra: Self-Love, Compassion, Soul Connection
5 – Throat Chakra: Communication, Expression, Truth
6 – Third Eye: Intuition, Inner Wisdom, Clairvoyance
7 – Crown Chakra: Spiritual Connection, Higher Guidance, Detachment

How is the Course Delivered?

All participants receive: 

  • Video recordings for each chakra presented by Anna Sofia 
  • Guided meditations  for each of the 7 modules
  • Guided mantras and mudras practices for each of the 7 modules
  • Detailed information on each chakra and how it affects body, mind and spirit with tantrik, yogic and energy healing science
  • Use of crystals & essential oils for each chakra

The Core Principles of the Chakra Healing Course

  • Learn to listen to your energy and intentionally work with it for healing and self-awareness.

  • Understand the connection between your mind, emotions and physical symptoms to release imbalances with spot-on techniques and shift your mindset for greater well-being.

  • Work with the healing modalities that are right for you, your body type and your energy system.

What Makes The Chakra Healing Course Unique?

The Chakra Healing Course offers deep insights into the Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Based on practices tested in many workshops and trainings all over the world, this course presents distilled energy healing modules that go deeply to release the root cause of suffering and elevate mind, body and soul for an awakened life. 

The goal is to give you tools to easily integrate into your everyday life

When you know, which chakra needs which type of healing and what the underlying cause behind physical, emotional or mental symptoms is, you take ownership of your energy and can shift it easily with the right tools presented in this course.

Self-Awareness helps to become more connected with your Soul

By building awareness of your energy, the mind-body connection and how to elevate your energy easily, you also build a strong foundation to connect with your Soul on a deeper level. 

Self-Healing allows you to help others too

By healing yourself and understanding where symptoms originate from and how to heal each chakra at a time, you will also be able to assist others on their unique path towards healing and self-awareness.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How To Get Started

  • 2

    Chapter #1

    • The Root Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Root Chakra Info

    • Root Chakra Mantras & Mudras

    • Root Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Root Chakra Audio Meditation

    • Root Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Root Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils (optional)

  • 3

    Chapter #2

    • The Sacral Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Sacral Chakra Info

    • Sacral Chakra Mantras & Mudras

    • Sacral Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Sacral Guided Meditation

    • Sacral Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Sacral Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils (optional)

  • 4

    Chapter #3

    • The Solarplexus Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Solarplexus Chakra Info

    • Sacral Chakra Mantras & Mudras

    • Solarplexus Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Solarplexus Chakra Meditation

    • Solarplexus Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Solarplexus Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils (optional)

  • 5

    Chapter #4

    • The Heart Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Heart Chakra Info

    • Heart Chakra Mantras & Mudras

    • Heart Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Heart Chakra Meditation

    • Heart Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Heart Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils

  • 6

    Chapter #5

    • The Throat Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Throat Chakra Info

    • Throat Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Throat Chakra Meditation

    • Throat Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Throat Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils

    • Throat Chakra Mantras & Mudras

  • 7

    Chapter #6

    • The Third Eye Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Third Eye Chakra Info

    • Third Eye Chakras Mantras & Mudras

    • Third Eye Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Third Eye Chakra Meditation

    • Third Eye Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Third Eye Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils

  • 8

    Chapter #7

    • The Crown Chakra in Everyday Life - Anne Haack

    • Crown Chakra Info

    • Crown Chakra Mantras & Mudras

    • Crown Chakra Mindset Manifestation

    • Crown Chakra Meditation

    • Crown Chakra Self-Care Rituals (optional)

    • Crown Chakra Crystals & Essential Oils

  • 9

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

About Your Instructor

Anna Sofia 


Anna Sofia is an intuitive coach and psychic healer, Reiki Master, yoga and meditation teacher, movement facilitator and DJ. Having followed the path of yoga for more than 17 years, her work is based on the Divine Feminine, the Tantrik system of the chakras and Kundalini energy. Deeply connected to the Himalayas and Indian teachings, where she spends several months each year, she uses creative meditation techniques, rituals, ceremony, bodywork and dance to support YOU on your journey of healing, awakening and transformation.  

Anna has studied Hatha, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga, active and guided meditations, shamanism, crystals, Reiki Master Level, Kinesiology, Tantra and different types of Bodywork.

She leads Cacao Ceremonies, chakra workshops, retreats and TTCs, as well as dance events, Reiki Trainings and Massage Courses. 

She is the founder of Goddess Initiation, a 2-months online programme to embody each aspect of the Divine Feminine; Just Dance - a conscious dance in the Himalayas; and Mala Magic, healing crystal Malas and bracelets from India.


“In can feel the energy so much, sometimes I feel I'm spinning in a circle even if I sit still. ”

Olga (A)

“Wow, the chakra work left me really speechless, so much that was shown and came up through it and so much I needed to release, I though I had left already. Thank you! ”

Renata (CZ)


  • What if I know nothing about the Chakras?

    No worries, you will learn everything here.

  • How will the course help me to heal?

    You learn different energy healing methods so you can find out which one works best for you. All of these work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual plane.

  • How does the course work?

    You can access all teaching week by week, but can also go in your own time, if you want to practice a specific chakra for longer then a week.

  • What if I have limited extra time to do the coursework?

    You can do all modules in your own time, so that you get the most out of this course.

  • What is the commitment required for this course?

    You just need to commit to do every chakra one at a time and do all practices from the course, so you can find out which ones work best for you and your unique healing journey.

  • Why take the course?

    It´s an in-depth study course of yourself and your energy, which will help you understand you from a totally new perspective, give you the tools to heal yourself and get in touch with the deeper aspects of your Soul.