Course Description

Returning back to yourSelf and effortlessly being yourSelf is a revolutionary step in a human life. Once you’ve had a taste of the big mystery and had a glimpse of your true Self, an irreversible process starts up, unfolding with ups and downs. Hoorah! Your True Self wants to stand up.

However, this process of returning back to yourSelf is not always easy as the journey back to yourSelf is all about detachment. Detaching from that, what you truly are not. Detaching from illusions of safety. Detaching, from illusions. Sometimes detaching can be sad or fearful because it pushes you to the edges of your comfort zone. Returning back to yourself asks 100% honest self-inquiry. The labor pains can be pretty tough and that’s why this e-course can be your guide.

Effortlessly being yourSelf gives you joy because you’re doing exactly what you came here to do. Being yourself allows you to be in awe of life in this reality. It creates connectedness with everyone around you because you have reconnected with yourSelf. It allows your outer life to change and align with who you truly are.

We will be covering four key areas:

  • Your relationship to yourself
  • Your relationship to ‘’the other’’
  • Your relationship to your physical body and what manifests
  • Your relationship and your service to Unity

With topics such as:

  •  Freedom is a choice!
  • YOU are Everything, everything is Now
  • Masks and role patterns
  • The identification mechanism
  • Partner relationships
  • Awakening to what IS
  • Being the vessel through which Self can act
  • This earthly reality
  • The joy of life, the joy of BEING
  • Pitfalls after awakening
  • The light that you are and self-expression
  • Finding your calling as part of Unity

I recommend you to take part in the Forum and share your experiences, ask questions concerning the lessons with other participants.

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Your relationship with your yourSELF

    • Source of Life

    • Thoughts

    • Freedom is a choice

    • Emotions

    • The gateway to the now

    • Defence mechanisms

    • The observer

    • Are you sure?

    • Who am I?

    • Humanity

    • The NOW has priority

    • Free will

  • 3

    Your relationshiop with 'the other'

    • Reflections

    • Control

    • Playing roles

    • Hiding yourSelf

    • Dismantling roles

    • Story versus script

    • The role of the victim

    • Our shadow

    • Judgements

    • Partnership

    • Desires

    • Inequality

    • Conflicts

    • Unwritten rules

    • The we-energy

    • Breaking taboos

    • The male and female united

  • 4

    Your relationship with you physical body and the manifest

    • The spiral of conciousness

    • The physical body

    • Food

    • Sickness and physical handicaps

    • Sound

    • Matter

    • Money

    • The manifest

    • Mother Earth and your existence

    • Life determines

    • Processes

    • The NOW

    • The creative force

  • 5

    Your relationship and service to the field of Unity

    • Unity

    • Compassion

    • Emotional indifference

    • Nothing is personal

    • Following what IS

    • Your calling

    • Self-expression

    • Your greatest fear

    • Surrender

  • 6


    • Traps

    • Meaninglessness

    • Your last certainty

    • Conciousness as something outside you

    • The position of observer

    • Responsibility

    • Vision of the future

    • Afterword

You will receive:

  •  One lesson a day over a 60 day period, in which one of the topics above will be discussed and supported by diagrams, exercises, audio files and films. Then you will be working with all these self-inquiry themes in the days following. The lessons have been arranged to steadily deepen your progress.
  • You will be able to take part in a forum thread in which you can share your experiences and ask questions concerning the lessons with other participants.


What do you need?

  • A smart phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection on which to follow the online lessons.


How much time will it take?

  • The amount of time you put in depends on how intensively you follow the e-course. You will, on a daily basis, be asked to read the lessons and do the exercises. The exercises can vary; sometimes it can take 10 minutes and sometimes you will actually be sent out to discover. You will notice that the focus of the day will remain with you all day long.
  • It is also possible to deepen your progress by taking part in the forum. This can cost a bit of extra time but you are the one who determines how intensively you want to dive into this process.


Practical information

  • You can start at any moment. From that moment on, take a lesson every day.
  • You can go to the Forum and join the discussion. This is highly recommended.