About this course

We live in challenging times. The consequences of the virus impact every country on Earth. From isolation at home to struggle with roles of work/caregivers/a partner, we face a variety of challenges.

Mindfulness and meditation offer perspective and stability within these struggles. In this course we share effective mindfulness practices and reflections to handle challenges and make a difference in the personal and the interpersonal.

Christopher Titmuss and Ulla König are experienced meditation and mindfulness teachers who teach in a variety of environments, working as social activists, authors and teachers. They bring mindfulness to prisons, refugees, people with special needs and trauma survivors. In this course they offer their experience as a support in difficult times.

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About the teachers

Ulla Koenig

Ulla Koenig is a mindfulness and meditation teacher who works with prisoners, refugees, social activists and cancer patients. She teaches insight meditation retreats in Germany and studies the ancient Buddhists texts in their original language Pali. As a mother of two she lives close to Stuttgart, Germany.

Christopher Titmuss

Christopher Titmuss, author The Buddha of Love and the Spiritual Roots of Mindfulness, teaches the depths of happiness, insights and realizations worldwide. He offers retreats, courses and pilgrimages. A former Buddhist monk, Christopher lives in Totnes, Devon, England.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    About this Course

    • About this course

    • Introduction to Mindfulness in Times of Covid-19 by Christopher Titmuss

    • Overview on the Theme by Christopher Titmuss

    • Introduction to Mindfulness in Times of Covid-19 by Ulla König

    • Support our work

    • List of Themes by Christopher

    • List of Themes by Ulla

  • 2

    Reflections and practices for our times by Christopher Titmuss

    • Mindfulness and Fear of the Virus

    • Mindfulness and Social Distancing

    • Mindfulness and Public Service

    • Mindfulness and Anxiety

    • Mindfulness and Money

    • Mindfulness for Reading

    • Mindfulness for Eating

    • Mindfulness and Elderly Parents

    • Mindfulness and Time out of Work

    • Mindfulness and Travel Restrictions

    • Mindfulness and Public Shopping/Panic Buying

    • Mindfulness at Home with Another

    • Mindfulness at Home with Children

    • Mindfulness of Television and News

    • Mindfulness of Online Shopping, Panic Buying, Gambling

    • Mindfulness of Movement at Home (exercise)

    • Mindfulness and Seven Themes for Seven Days

    • Mindfulness of Energy (heat, water, appliances use etc)

  • 3

    Mindfulness practices for calm and relaxation by Ulla König

    • Reflection on Mindfulness of Breathing

    • Guided Meditation on Breathing

    • Reflection on Mindfulness of the Body

    • Guided Meditation on the Body

    • Reflection on the Importance of Kindness

    • Guided Meditation on Kindness

    • Reflection Where To Place Your Trust?

    • Reflection of Mindful Communication

    • Reflection on Parenting in Challenging Times

    • A Practice of Slowing Down

    • Practicing with the Five Senses

    • Several Practices For Daily Life

    • Practice for Cutting Through Anxiety

    • Reflection on the Importance Of the Outdoors

    • Reflection on Religion, Faith and Rituals

    • Practice of Speaking And Listening to Resolve Conflict

    • Mindfulness of the Arts

  • 4

    About the Teachers

    • About Christopher

    • About Ulla

    • Support our Work