Course Description

“How can I have better, more harmonious and fulfilling relationships?”

Through taking this course you will understand deeply your own and your loved ones relationship needs and challenges, and thus be able to have more connected, more harmonious and more fulfilling relationships with all of your loved ones.

Comprising over 100 lessons spanning 14 hours, in this online course you will learn the vital information you need regarding relationship astrology. Whether you have zero, a little or a lot of astrological knowledge, you be able to very quickly learn key astrological information which will empower you to improve all relationships in your life.

This is my flagship course, painstakingly designed over a 12-month period, specifically for people who understand the power and utility of astrology, who want to know more than basic Sun sign astrology, but who do not have the time or interest to study for a year or two to become an astrologer.

This course extracts all the relevant information about a single theme - relationships - the one most people are interested in!

So many people know about Sun sign characteristics yet they don’t take their astrological understanding deeper because it is all so confusing and complicated! Where on earth do I begin?! Sound familiar?

Well this is exactly why I’ve given so much time to refining both the content of this course, and the way in which I present it, so that you can learn a huge amount of practical astrology in a short space of time.

There is a vast quantity of priceless information here, distilled in a course that you can complete in a few weeks, but that you can also keep coming back to during the months and years to come, since you will get lifetime access.

What matters is: What does this say about me, and how I relate to others? How can I have better, more harmonious and fulfilling relationships?

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I offer three prices based on your own financial situation: choose from Low, Standard and Generous. You receive the same material no matter which price you select. If you can afford to pay one of the higher prices this supports me to be able to keep creating content to help others.

Detailed Curriculum

14 hours of videos

Module 1 - Introduction (12 lessons)
The essential background information you need for this course: what astrology actually is and how it works; what all the symbols on a chart mean and how to identify them; the planets; and the aspects

Module 2 - How You Relate (35 lessons)

Here we focus on Venus, the Goddess of Love! I discuss Venus in the different signs of the zodiac and in aspect to each of the planets, along with what this means for a person in their relationships. Aided with numerous famous examples. Most people know about their Sun sign nature, but very little, if anything, about Venus. And this planet is essential for understanding what we need in a relationship.

Module 3 - Essential Compatibility (20 lessons)
A discussion of the level of compatibility between all Sun signs - why certain signs are better suited to each other and the relevance of the Four Elements in this compatibility. I'm a Scorpio and my boyfriend is a Capricorn, is that a good match? I'm a Virgo, which signs should I be dating? Why does my Aries girlfriend drive me crazy?! Find the answer to these questions, and all compatibility questions, in this module.

Module 4 - Connection and Attraction (21 lessons)
A detailed look at the synastry grid, which shows all interconnections between two people's entire charts. And how to extract and understand the most important information. This is where we get into the in-depth connections between any two people beyond Sun sign compatibility.

Module 5 - Putting It All Together (11 lessons)
Here we look in great detail at famous couples' charts, synthesising all of the information covered in the previous modules. This module helps you to piece together everything you have learned in the course, so that you are able to understand deeply your own and your loved one's relationship needs, wants and desires, and use this information in your daily life to improve all of your relationships.

Bonus 1 - Karmic Relationships (7 lessons)
How to identify and understand karmic relationships through synastry between one person's planets and the other's North and South nodes of the Moon.

Bonus 2 - Longevity (8 lessons)
A discussion of the factors which indicate longevity (as opposed to merely attraction) in a relationship.

* a full-colour copy of your own birth chart
* a full-colour copy of a significant other's chart
* quizzes - 
to test your knowledge and understanding
* homework (optional!) - 
suggestions from me as to how you can apply your learnings out in the world

* Total beginners - people who have absolutely no knowledge of astrology whatsoever (you will learn all of the basics that you need to understand the whole course in Module 1 - Introduction)
* Improvers - people who know something about astrology but wish to go deep into the specifics of Relationship Astrology
* Competent astrologers - as you will know, there's always more to learn and different ways of understanding and interpreting the symbols

Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Taylor, Salvador Dali, Oscar Pistorius, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Paul Newman, Joanna Woodward, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Guy Ritchie, Madonna, Donald Trump and Melania Trump. 

Choose your own price

I offer three prices based on your own financial situation: choose from Low, Standard and Generous. You receive the same material no matter which price you select. If you can afford to pay one of the higher prices this supports me to be able to keep creating content to help others.


“Having had a reading from Mark years ago I was incredibly excited to learn about this course. I anticipated learning the ins and outs of astrology but what I experienced was so much more.

First, the quality of the videos, the flow of the course, and the professional nature of the content put me at ease to lean in and let go. If it isn’t easy, I won’t do it and Mark made this so simple to follow along. Second, the structure of the course (he breaks it down into sections and gives the options of going on deep dives) helped build my foundation of knowledge so as we moved on in breadth and depth I felt I had a solid footing for the next bit of information. With those things being said, Mark’s passion and ability to articulate how truly profound the study of astrology is, especially how it pertains to our everyday lives blew my mind. I have re-listened to his explanation three times already because I want to absorb his understanding. Finally, this course has been EYE opening for me and how I see/interact with people in my life. I have already told dozens of people about this course and how much we can improve lines of communication as well as the flow of giving/receiving love. Even in my business interactions I am considering who the other person is and what they may need from me. It’s so much more than just learning about the planets/stars.

I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone that is curious about astrology, wants to know more about their relationships and how to improve them, or if they just want a leg up on interacting with people on a day to day basis. Thank you, Mark! This course is a gift!”
- Jessica Sanford, Los Angeles

"Mark's depth of knowledge and the practical, straightforward way in which he discusses each topic are the real strengths of the course.  I particularly enjoy his humor and how that brings a lightness to the material, which can be a bit dense or detailed, especially for those with no background knowledge on the subject.  The course modules flow easily from one to the next, and it's nice how you can stop and pick up again at any time...even come back to a module particular topic weeks or months down the line.  

Taking this course has shifted my perspective on relationships in general - how we relate to one another and our own individual relationship to the greater whole.  This course imparts a greater awareness that everyone has a particular astrological background that impacts how they see the world and relate to others.  Plus, the course offers tools to better understand (and even investigate) how and why a relationship may be working or not working in our lives...which comes in pretty handy at times! Thank you Mark for the work that you do."
- Damon Wallace, MA

Money-back Guarantee

IMPORTANT NOTE: I offer a no-questions-asked 14-day money back guarantee on this course. Try it for 2 weeks and if you don't absolutely love it, and aren't completely satisfied, then just send me an email and I will gladly refund you in full. So there is no risk to you in buying this course.  

Your Instructor

Mark Flaherty is a consultant astrologer with clients in over 50 countries. He has studied with Dr Geoffrey Cornelius, former President of the Astrological Lodge of London, and Bob Mulligan of the Astrology Company, Florida. He is adept at translating the astrological symbols into simple English so that everybody can use this information to better understand themselves and live happier, more fulfilling lives.

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