Join Will Pye in this course accompanying his book of the same name to harness positive neuroplasticity, overcome the mind’s negativity bias, and experience peace, wellbeing, and happiness. Give yourself the gift of 28 days exploring gratitude through enjoyable, simple yet profoundly powerful exercises and techniques. Designed to be completed with just a few minutes a day for 28 days this is an evidence-based experiential journey of heart-opening mind-mastery that will support your healing and transformation.


  • Would you like to discover simple ways to open the heart, master your brain chemistry and create emotional resilience?
  • Do you desire to manage stress, anxiety, or depression, improve sleep and general wellbeing?
  • Perhaps you are serious about creating lasting change, a happier brain, and a peaceful nervous system via positive neuroplasticity?
  • Are you willing to put aside a few minutes a day for 28 days?

The Gratitude Prescription is a fun and simple guide to creating a happier heart, improved mental health and enhanced emotional wellbeing. Whether you are seeking spiritual enlightenment, greater ease, peace, and flow in life gratitude supports greater wellbeing and lessens anxiety or depression. This course offers the tried and tested, evidence-based tools and techniques to shift state in the moment and create lasting, sustainable upgrades to your nervous system. Plus, it is super fun and easy!

Designed to be enjoyed over 28 days you will learn practical, powerful yet simple steps to bring gratitude into every dimension of your life. 22 videos, PDFs plus a suite of guided meditations will be resources you can access and revisit for life.

Who is guiding you?

Will Pye is an author, speaker, retreat leader, coach, consultant, visionary entrepreneur and spiritual entertainer helping conscious entrepreneurs and change-makers discover the power of consciousness to create health, healing, happiness, purpose and prosperity.

In his twenties suffering depression and addiction entangled with a yearning for Truth to fuel an intensive quest for healing, transformation and awakening. Business success in charity fundraising allowed global travel Interviewing spiritual masters, quantum physicists, futurists, shamans, philosophers and attendance of countless conferences, workshops and retreats.

Thousands of hours of Zen training, meditation, Yoga and Qi Gong yielded insight, embodiment and integration of wounding and trauma. Working with plant spirit medicines, nature immersion, studying leading edge psychology, mind body medicine, spontaneous remission, energy healing, neuroscience and timeless wisdom from indigenous cultures and ancient traditions culminated in a brain tumor diagnosis at 31.

Will experienced both the tumor and later cancer diagnosis in peace and joy, immediately recognising an opportunity, invitation and initiation to evolve and serve.

The first words he read post-diagnosis were an entry in his journal from 5 days prior, a quote his body viscerally knew to be profoundly pertinent: ‘Death is certain, it’s timing uncertain, so what is important now?’

Living and exploring this question has found articulation in the desire to ‘be a source of Love & Truth’. Whilst inevitably repeatedly failing in this he shares a way of being he calls Radical Gratitude where we come to open to every pain and suffering, personal and collective as Love, as opportunity to awaken and evolve.

Will has defied the medical odds to remain alive and well. Globally he leads meetings, workshops and retreats, speaking at international conferences, high security prisons, cancer support groups and music festivals. He writes blogs, articles and two books on healing, transformation and awakening (Blessed With A Brain Tumor and The Gratitude Prescription). He has founded the global sacred activism movement Love & Truth Party exploring the integration of spiritual seeker and social justice activist. Love & Truth Party explores and facilitates the shift in human consciousness from separation, materialism and lack to Unity, Being and Plenty. He has created the TruthLover video podcast featuring Will enjoying dialogue with extraordinary human beings, spiritual teachers, scientists, authors and luminaries exploring the integration of science and spirituality, human development, living and dying well and what it is to be the change.

His online courses - The Meditation Game, The Gratitude Prescription, The Radical Gratitude Online Retreat, Depression; What You Need to Know and How to Create Happiness, Cancer; What You Need to Know and How to Create Health and The Idiot’s Guide to Embodied Enlightenment - have served thousands of people in their health, healing, happiness and spiritual growth

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • The Gratitude Prescription - Intro

  • 2

    The Gratitude Prescription

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 01 - Transforming this Moment

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 02 - Daily Dose for Positive Neuroplasticity

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 03 - Realizing the Infinite Things

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 04 - Singing Gratitude to the Sky

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 05 - The Grateful Meal

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 06 - The Grateful Day

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 07 - Appreciating Ancestors

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 08 - Appreciating our Parents

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 09 - Thanking our Lovers

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 10 - Thanking Ourselves

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 11 - Loving our Sensational Body

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 12 - Appreciating our Beautiful Future

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 13 - Appreciating our Friends

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 14 - Appreciating Money

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 15 - Appreciating Pleasure

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 16 - Appreciating Breath

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 17 - Appreciating Awareness

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 18 - The Gratitude Jar

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 19 - Appreciating Giving

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 20 - Appreciating Aprreciation

    • The Gratitude Prescription - Lesson 21 - Appreciating Being

  • 3


    • The Gratitude Prescription - Bonus Video

  • 4

    Bonus Material - Meditations

    • Gratitude as Feeling and Sensation

    • Knowing Your Body is Literally Sensational

    • Loving Your Unique Life

    • You Are an Energetic Being

    • Noticing the Fleeting Nature

    • Taking a Cosmic View

    • Realizing You Are Everywhere

    • Being Love Loving

    • Forgiveness